How do I set my subscription price?
Select “Edit My Page” and locate “Subscription Price” on the left-hand menu (Select Menu on Mobile, then scroll down). You can set the price of each of your tiers, or you can make your subscription free by toggling “Free Subscription” at the bottom.
Qualify for Instant Payments!
Creators who verify their identity by signing up with Stripe Connect will qualify for instant payments and 1-day deposits into their account. Simply sign up and fill out the information requested and that's it. Payments made to you will go to your Stripe Connect and deposit the following day!

We highly recommend using Stripe Connect for all your transactions as it's the best way to verify that you're a real person and it helps us combat spam and scammer accounts. Sign up for Stripe Connect under "Payout Methods".
I want as many people as possible to see my page. Can people see my page if they don’t have an account?
Yes! Select “Edit my Page”, Locate “Privacy and Security” on the left-hand side (Select Menu on Mobile, then scroll down), then toggle “Unregistered people can see my posts.” You will want to make sure you subscription price is set to free as well.

The last step of the process happens when you post. By default all posts are locked to anyone who isn't subscribed to you. You must click or tap the padlock and unlock the post. People will then be able to see your posts whether or not they have an account or are subscribed.
How do I set my payment methods?
Select “Edit My Page” and the on the left-hand side (Select Menu on Mobile, then scroll down) scroll down to “Payments”. From there you can set your default payments methods for purchases. Set up Stripe Connect, Zelle, or enter your bank details to make withdrawals to your account. Setting up Stripe Connect will auto deposit any payments made to you with a debit or credit card. Wallet and Paypal payments will be added to your balance. Once your balance reaches the minimum you can request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed every Friday.

Note: You will need to enter you card details each time you top up your wallet or purchase an item directly. You can add a payment card in order to auto-renew any subscriptions you currently have.
How do I livestream content from my console or PC?
When beginning your live stream you will see a green OBS button in the top menu of your live stream preview. Clicking it reveals a server URL and a Stream Key. Copy and Paste those in the URL and Stream Key section of your OBS software. Typically found under Settings, then Stream. Make sure you set the service in your OBS to custom. Then you can hit stream and your live stream will be piped into Haven Create. In some cases you may have to select the video sources menu in your Haven Create live stream and select Mute Video to prevent your current camera source from laying on top of your stream from your OBS.

Note: A bug currently results in Haven Create not displaying your stream to you from OBS and instead just shows a black screen. This is purely a graphical error and does not affect others' ability to see your stream.
How do I install the Haven Create app?
As a progressive web app, you will need to install the app through your browser. In Chrome, once logged in to havencreate.io, select the menu in the top right and locate "Add to Homescreen" or "Install App" to download the app to your device. Other browsers may present you with a different option such as a download button.

On Iphones, tap the ‘Share’ button, scroll down and tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Enter the name for the app then tap add. The PWA will show up on your home screen like a native iOS app. Please note this only works in Safari.
I set up 2FA but I don't see the verification emails with my code.
Make sure you check you spam or junk folder for the 2FA emails. And add havencreate.io to your safe senders list.