How it Works

Who is Haven Create for?
Create is for everyone who loves to make and share their content and put their name out there. It's for businesses and influencers, to writers and animators, just to name a few. With our platform your data is protected and never shared with any 3rd party marketing or advertising agency. The only ads you will ever see are the ones you create! You won’t ever have to share your personal payment details with anyone you interact with as payments are handled for you.

How does Haven Create keep the lights on?
We take a very modest fee off the top of any items you sell on Haven Create: 6%
This allows us to keep developing to make Haven Create better and to keep it ad free.

How do I get Paid?
There are many ways to get paid on Haven Create. If you are a content creator/influencer you may want to consider making your channel a paid subscription. If you are a business owner or reseller you can sell your creations directly on the site. If you take custom commissions, you can post an ad for them in the shop and then sell them directly through DM's. You can even monetize each message you send to help keep the amount of renditions limited or just to verify your talking with a real person.

How do I cash out?
First and foremost, make sure you get Verified in order to get paid. There are 3 methods available at this time for cashout. The First and Best way is to set up Stripe Connect. It's simple, quick, and gets you paid the quickest. Anything purchased from you via Stripe(with a debit or credit card) is sent straight to your Stripe Express Account linked to Haven Create. Payouts for Stripe Connect are sent daily. The second way is to input your Zelle Credentials if you bank supports it. The third way is to enter you bank details directly. We pay out methods 2 and 3 weekly, every Friday and processing times vary depending on your financial institution.

Get Verified!
Getting verified is the best way to combat spam, show everyone you are a real person, and protect yourself from scammers or other bad actors. You must be 18 to become verified and link Stripe Connect to Haven Create. Your personal information is encrypted on our servers to prevent any chance of it leaking out. Being verified is also the best way to avoid distributing NSFW materials to minors or fake accounts/bots. Accounts are verified by real humans just like you! No algorithms or code to create a fuss.

Install the App!
Install the Haven Create app to your device by opening Chrome, go to, log in, then selecting the menu in the top right and tapping "Add to HomeScreen/Install App." Other web browsers may prompt you with a download button in the address bar or menu.
Visit the FAQ for iOS instructions.

Get Going!
Haven Create is free to sign up and just takes 2 minutes!